GAS-LTU Environmental Researcher Shaktiman Singh giving Kråkbergsskolan group some indications.
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Climate Change action continues with Kråkbergsskolan students

Published: 30 October 2019

As a continuation of the activity started last May, a group of fifteen Kråkberg School students took part in the climate change activity organized by GAS with the goal of improving their awareness of global phenomena and becoming familiar with certain skills and tools used by professional researchers to do their job.

This text has been translated into Swedish by an automatic translation program.

Guided by GAS environmental researcher Shaktiman Singh the students developed a two days research plan where they used data from real weather stations at different places of the world, like Australia, Ukraine, Spain etc…, and plotted and analized them using a pre-decided methodology. During this activity they have learned to select specific landscapes using tools like Google Earth for mapping, noting down main basic environmental parameters, like temperature and precipitation, to observe changes in different time periods. Looking at a time series of data they were able to observe the general trend in temperatures increasing, experiencing the  reality of Climate Change. This was a way to learn about  the phenomena looking at real data as their  main knowledge source instead of using other alternative sources like internet or media where sometimes fake news are present.

The students also debated about the figure of Greta Thunberg and her proposed “Fridays Climate Change school strikes”.

The files uploaded by the students during this activity will be used to built and print a global Climate map that will be located it in their classroom as a “research” souvenir”. At the end of November, members of the  GAS team,  will have a final meeting with some of the high school teachers involved in the activity. They will evaluate the impact on the students  and will design possible future editions of the activity.

The Climate Change Action activity has been possible thanks to the cooperation of Teknikcollege, especiall Linda Rönbäck, and of Andreas Wallgren, a teacher at Kråkbergsskolan. Special thanks for all their support!