The North Pole Seminars

Published: 2 September 2015

The North Pole Seminars are bi-weekly seminars organised by the Atmospheric Science Group at the Luleå University of Technology. The Seminars are given by invited speakers working in topics of interest for the Group, and are thought to initiate or strength collaborations with other researchers.

Date SpeakerTitle




Ricardo Fonseca (Earth Observatory of Singapore, Singapore)

Evaluation of Regional Climate Downscaling in the Tropics



Luca Palchetti (Italian National Institute of Optics / CNR, Italy) Spectral characterisation of the far-infrared atmospheric radiation: Antarctica ground-based measurements and FORUM space application



Jani Huttunen (Finnish Meterological Institute, Finland)   The water vapor dependent aerosol direct radiative effect – an implementation of machine learning algorithms. 



José Luis Pérez-Díaz (Universidad de alcalá de Henares, Spain) Interface 2-D change of phase or How water -almost never- freezes at 0ºC




Roger Yelle (Lunar and Planetary Laboratory, University of Arizona, USA)

The Mars Upper Atmosphere from MAVEN



Charles Cockell (The University of Edinburgh, U.K.)

Life at extremes and the search for life beyond Earth



Nikku Madhusudhan (Institute of Astronomy University of Cambridge, U.K.) Chemical Characterization of Extrasolar Planets


(POSTPONED to November 2)

Akos Kereszturi (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary) Climate and Habitability on Mars
2016/04/06 Mitra Hajigholi (Chalmers University of Technology) Molecules as tools to study massive star forming regions
2016/04/20       EGU MEETING   
POSTPONED Vicky Hipkin (Canadian Space Agency) Mars Special Regions – do we need parks on Mars? 
2016/06/01 Narihiro Orikasa (Meteorological Research Institute, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan) Microphysical properties of midlatitude cirrus clouds observed by hydrometeor videosonde
2016/06/08 Gilbert Levin (Arizona State University, USA)

New Data Support Viking LR’s Detection of Life on Mars

       SUMMER       PERIOD 
2016/09/21 Christer Fuglesang ( KTH Space Center)  On the travel and research in space, from KTH to ISS
2016/11/02 Akos Kereszturi (Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary) Climate and Habitability on Mars

David Cuartielles, Co-founder of the Arduino platform, Univ. Malmö

The history of the Arduino platform 
  Raina Gough, University of Colorado Boulder, Boulder, USA Liquid water on Mars 
2016/12/06 Martin Tajmar (Technische Universitäat Dresden, Germany)   POSTPONED


2017/01/16 Oddur VIlhelmsson (Akureiry University, Iceland)

Life in Mars analogues culturing microbes adapted to extreme conditions in Icelandic deserts, caves and aquifers


Prof. A.L. Ramanathan (Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India)

Glacier health and its impact on water resources in Indian Himalayan river systems


Lydia Sam, Institut für Kartographie, Technische Universität (TU) Dresden, Germany and Sharda University, Delhi


Shaktiman Singh, Institut für Kartographie, Technische Universität (TU) Dresden, Germany and Sharda University, Delhi 


Estimating glacier movement through satellite observations: implications for terrestrial glaciers and Martian GLFs



Climate change and glacio-hydrology: present status and future possibilities




Sir Prof. Brian Hoskins (Chair of the Grantham Institute for Climate Change, Imperial College, U.K.)

The Hadley Cell
2017/03/29 Eizo Nakamura (Insittut for Planetary Materials, Okayama University at Misasa, Japan)
2017/05/17 David Fernández-Remolar (British Geological Survey, U.K.) Biosignatures of extreme environments for looking for life on Mars
2017/06/21 Marina Díaz Michelena (National Institute for Aeroespace Technology (INTA), Madrid, Spain)