Installationsföresläsning med paneldiskussion

4 nov. 2014, 10:30 - 11:30
Luleå, Vetenskapens hus
Publicerad: 27 oktober 2014

I samband med akademisk högtid vid Luleå tekniska universitet ger våra nyblivna professorer installationsföreläsningar inom sina ämnen.

Dagens förelsäsningar är beräknade att varadera ta 10 minuter. Avlsutet sker med en gemensam paneldiskussion inom området.

Föreläser gör:
Nadhir Al-Ansari, professor i geoteknik med: Mosul Dam: The most dangerous dam in the world.
Mosul Dam is located on the Tigris River in northern Iraq approximately 50 km northwest of Mosul city. It is the biggest dam in Iraq.It is an earth fill dam, constructed on bedrocks of gypsum beds alternated with marl and limestone, in cyclic nature. These beds are intensely karstified even in foundation rocks.

Model studies predicted that in case Mosul dam collapses, then major cities downstream will be flooded. The height of the water wave will be about 31m and it will cause the death of at least half a million inhabitant.

To avoid the catastrophic consequences of Mosul dam failure, two dams were proposed to be constructed downstream Mosul dam. Only one was partially built and the danger of the collapse of Mosul dam at any time still exists.

Jurate Kumpiene, professor i avfallsteknik med: Do you think you know what waste management is all about?

Ulrika Rova, professor i biokemisk processteknik White Biotechnology and Green Chemicals.