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"If you like lab work this is also a great place for an internship"

Publicerad: 19 november 2018

Elisa Arteaga Prieto, Bolivia

Tell us a little about Your background?

I studied chemical engineering in La Paz, Bolivia. After my bachelor’s courses, while writing my thesis, I wanted to learn more about industry. That is why I applied for an internship in AB in bev in the quality control section. I worked there for four months in the microbiological control department.  
Why did You chose to come to Luleå?

While working in AB in bev I`ve realized how much I like biochemistry. One day I saw Iaeste´s Work offer for Sweden, in which they require an engineer with microbiological knowledge. I thought it would be a great opportunity to go to such a nice country. I saw more about the university and felt interested about what they were doing, so decided to apply.

How did You like working here?

Working in LTU has been a nice experience so far. This is a great environment for meeting people from many places around the world. If you like lab work this is also a great place for an internship because everyone is always willing to teach. I like how all people from the team gives feedback in a motivating and assertive way.

The charm of winter snow, northern lights and Swedish traditions like Fika 😊 make this city a great place to live in. Besides work, the university offers a big variety of activities so everyone can always find something to enjoy.