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Boosting microbial electrosynthesis of chemicals from carbon dioxide via bio fabrication of cathode

Publicerad: 10 februari 2020

VR 2019-2022

Coupling renewable energy resources with CO2 as the carbon source could fascilitate the decoupling of the carbon emissions from the feedstock and the energy sector. A new paradigm that can transform the future of carbon capture and chemical production is the development of a bioprocess based on electricity-driven microbial reactions for the production of CO2-neutral industrial chemicals (Microbial Electrosynthesis-MES).

The applicability of MES for chemical synthesis from CO2 requires improved production and energetic efficiencies. We need to take account for the improved biofilm growth in direct electron uptake based bioconversions in order to compete with the hydrogen-based MES processes. This research proposal will address the development of efficient three-dimensional cathodes (3D) which also operate as biofilms for MES applications using an ‘all-in-one-pot’ approach where bio-inks are preloaded with electroactive bacteria and subsequently printed to form 3D electrodes.


Division of Fluid and Experimental Mechanics, LTU (Prof. Kerstin Ramser)