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Published: 8 May 2022

Utilization of forest biomass residues towards the production of functionalized wound healing biomaterials, funded by the Luleå University of Technology's initiative “Natural Resources for Sustainability transitions” (SUN), May 2022-March 2023

Climate change drives a need for transition towards a sustainable society and circular economy. Forest residues, as byproduct from forest harvesting and processing, are produced in large amounts within Sweden and currently used for bioenergy. We propose a green and sustainable process to valorize forest residues by combining biotechnology and material science. Aim of BIO-HEAL is to produce biodegradable functionalized dressings with wound-healing properties based on forest biomass. The quality and time of wound healing impacts the life of many humans and animals. We aim for the development of novel biomaterials that will accelerate healing by quenching inflammation, bleeding, potential infection and scaring. The project efforts will result in an academic publication and enhance cross-disciplinary research cooperation in LTU. We envision that the results of this Seed Project will be the beginning for attracting external research funding on the topic to highlight further the importance of biomaterials towards sustainable development. 

The project is a collaboration between the Biochemical Process Engineering group and the Wood and Bionanocomposites group at LTU.