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Microalgae protein factory: Turning organic waste to bio-functional proteins

Publicerad: 10 februari 2020

Kempe Foundations 2019-2021

This project aims to strengthen and leverage the outcome of the recently funded project from FORMAS towards the establishment of an advanced and holistic production system for high-value nutraceuticals by microalgae conversion of industrial waste streams. This system will consist the first algae based refinery in Sweden for the production of nutraceutical and pharmaceutical compounds from waste streams. More specifically the aims of the current project are to:

  • Establish a biological route for the production of functional proteins with nutritional and pharmaceutical value from microalgae.
  • Strengthen the recently funded project by FORMAS entitled ‘Tuned volatile fatty acids production from organic waste for biorefinery platforms (VFAbiorefinery)’ where the leader is the applicant of this proposal which aims to establish an additional advanced value-chain to bring more overall value to the process.
  • Strengthen the applicant´s capacity to further develop an independent research line within the Biochemical Process Engineering group at Luleå University of Technology.
  • Strengthen the efforts for the establishment of an ‘algae network’ in the Northern Sweden that will be devoted on research for the production of high-added value compounds from microalgae with nutraceutical and pharmaceutical value.