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Optimization of the production of low size lignin flotation collectors (NANOFLOT)

Published: 13 December 2021

EIT RawMaterials FAST TRACK for KAVA 6 projects (Dnr 18404) 2019

NANOFLOT aims to study and optimize important process stages prior to the start-up of BATTERFLAI that will bring additional value to it. Such stages has to do with the improved lignin productivity that will improve the overall availability of the biodegradable collectors and also to provide with a sustainable downstream isolation method that will yield to orgnanosolv lignin nanoparticle (OLN) collectors in dried powder. Finally, we will study how we can control and further minimize the OLN size by tuning their isolation process, aiming to deliver OLN of controllable size and as small as <100nm. To meet these objectives, we will optimize the operation of the semi-continuous organosolv apparatus to improve the delignification yields and lignin productivity and we will study how the downstream OLN isolation from the homogenization liquor can facilitate as a stage to control their size at desirable levels. As an outcome, the research within NANOFLOT will consist a significant kickstart for BATTERFLAI and will have a positive impact on it.