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Upgrading of organosolv lignin to jet fuel (GOLdJET FUEL)

Publicerad: 10 februari 2020

Swedish Energy Agency 2019-2020

Valorization of organosolv lignin fraction from forest residues (sawdust) into high value jet fuel, at a high yield and reduced cost will be targeted by depolymerization of the ORGANOSOLV lignin via hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL) followed by catalytic upgrading of biooil using novel ultrathin defect free ZSM-5 crystals as catalyst and production of jet fuel. Collaboration with KIRAM will provide a solid framework for solving challenges in order to commercialize a forest-based biorefinery with complete use of the feedstock.


Chemical Technology, Division of Chemical Engineering (Prof. Jonas Hedlund), RISE Processum AB, Kiram AB