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Saskja Bühler
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"All in all, the internship at LTU was one of my best experiences I have ever made"

Published: 20 May 2019

Saskja Bühler from Switzerland
IAESTE internship July 2018 – March 2019

After finishing my master programme in molecular health science at ETH Zurich I was looking for a working experience abroad and found this IAESTE internship up north. They introduced me well into the rather unfamiliar biotechnology field and I quickly felt comfortable working in the lab. The team was great and I really enjoyed the independent way of working with the knowledge that I can ask for help and support whenever I needed it. My project focused on the production of cellobiose, a prebiotic candidate, by optimised enzymatic hydrolysis of pretreated biomass and the scale-up of this cellobiose production. My research experience broadened a lot due to the different aspects of the main project and due to diverse side jobs like cultivation of various microorganisms and enzyme production.

Luleå is a great town for living and working and a very good starting point for trips to Norway and Finland. We even went once to St. Petersburg and Helsinki. The area in Luleå is beautiful with all those lakes, the sea and forest. Experiencing summer and winter in Luleå is almost a must as everything looks so different. In summer you can explore the surroundings
by boat, bike or foot and enjoy the never-ending daylight. In winter the piles of snow, frozen sea, freezing temperatures and especially the northern lights are amazing.

All in all, the internship at LTU was one of my best experiences I have ever made.