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"I finally had the opportunity to walk at least part of Kungsleden Trail"

Published: 22 November 2021

Dominik Maršík from Czech Republic, Period of ERASMUS internship: August – November 2021.

I came to LTU for a four-month internship as a doctoral student. The first thing that pleasantly surprised me as a student from Prague was the environment in which the university is located. Sweden is generally known for its beautiful nature and at LTU you can literally enjoy it on a regular daily way to school. My internship was scheduled from August to December so I could enjoy the remnants of summer, colourful fall, and the beginning of winter. I cannot decide which season was nicer, you need to experience them all. Even though the days are getting shorter with upcoming winter season, the loss of light will be compensated by an impressive play of lights in the form of aurora borealis.

As a lover of tourism, I appreciated the location of Lulea, from which it is easy to reach Abisko National Park or Norwegian Lofoten. I finally had the opportunity to walk at least part of Kungsleden Trail. Beautiful trips to nature could also be taken around Luleå. There are many hiking trails around that you could enjoy to the fullest. We have always lighted up our trip by barbeque in beautiful rest areas or by picking blueberries, lingonberries, and mushrooms.

Culturally, life in the north is in some aspects different from life in Central Europe. In general, the Swedish were very kind and helpful, and after several years of living in the big city, the peace and serenity of the Luleå citizens was a pleasant change. The experience of working in the international group of Biochemical Process Engineering was also priceless. The different experiences of lab colleagues, who have soon become friends, were beneficial both professionally and personally. I am writing this report just before leaving to Czech and I regret that I only had the internship scheduled for four months. My big wish now is to maintain our newly established cooperation and friendships so that I can return to LTU in the future.