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"I had an amazing time"

Published: 3 December 2021

Clara Homor from France, Period of ERASMUS project work: September – December 2020.

I chose Luleå as my Erasmus+ destination from september 2020 to december 2020 and had an amazing time.

The road trip weekends with friends, the hikes in the middle of nowhere, the barbucue by the sea was great and even the cold was appreciated with temperatures sometimes below 0. I stayed 4 months and it was not enough to discover everything. I am looking forward to go back. Everything was exceptional and unique; at the end of the year when the night comes around noon and the northern lights appear, it's magical.

At the same time as my classes, I had the opportunity to work on a project in the biochemical process laboratory at Luleå University. It was about CO2 capture. I worked on the characterization of the enzyme and on finding the optimal conditions. It was a very interesting project with important applications for the future. The people in the lab are very friendly and welcoming, I was glad to join the team to work with them.

Currently, I am still studying in the field of energy, adding some skills in economics, to assist companies in their energy transition.