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"I hope that the established friendships will last"

Publicerad: 22 november 2021

Markéta Kulišová from Czech Republic, Period of ERASMUS internship: August – November 2021.

I went to LTU as part of an internship during my doctoral studies in Biotechnology field. After the initial surprise, that I was actually going to live near the Arctic Circle, I began to look forward to what new experiences I would encounter during my stay in Sweden.

The nature in and around Luleå is absolutely surreal. Here you could find many forests, where you can collect a variety of berries and mushrooms (of which there is an incredible number, because Swedes are not big fans of mushroom hunting). There is also a lake on every corner, where it is possible to try kayaking in summer or endless ice skating in winter. Almost everyday thing for me was admiring breath-taking sunsets, which you will especially appreciate with the coming winter season, when it is getting dark outside very soon. And if you receive northern lights alert on your phone, you go out hunting for them, and as soon as you stand in front of your house, you see the incredible beauty with your own eyes, you know, that you want to return to this city in the future.

The university itself is very well equipped and the work in the laboratory of Biochemical Process Engineering has been very enriching in many aspects. As the main positive experience, I have to pinpoint possibility to work in an international team of researchers. I had the opportunity to work with people from many different cultures, languages and approaches to science for the first time in my life and it was priceless experience. Everyone was incredibly helpful, whether my questions were about working in the lab or even everyday practical issues. Swedish fika, which often included a cake baked by a laboratory colleague, was just the icing on the cake of the days spent in the lab.

In short, the internship at LTU has brought me many beneficial experiences for my future professional and personal life. I hope that the established friendships with co-workers in the laboratory and the cooperation of my home university in Czech Republic with LTU will last as long as possible.