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Jurado Pedrajas
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"Living in Luleå made me grow both professionally and personally"

Publicerad: 19 augusti 2019

Sergio Jurado Pedrajas from Spain. Period of ERASMUS: January 2019 – May 2019.

During my stay in Luleå, I was performing my master thesis. I worked on the organosolv fractionation of residual wood biomass (spruce bark), where the final goal was to study the use of the cellulose fractions as raw material for the production of methane by performing BMP (biochemical methane potential). Moreover, I studied the enzymatic saccharification potentials of the cellulose fractions that I recovered to study their potential to be used in bioproprocesses. Even not having experience in this topic, I felt really comfortable with all the people in the department and they help me always I needed it.

Luleå is an incredible spot where you can find two different worlds depending on the season. Northern lights, a frozen sea or a never-ending days are just some examples of what you can enjoy there. Apart from this, traveling with LURC, you will discover other wonderful places like Lofoten Islands, San Petersburg or Tallin.

Living in Luleå made me grow both professionally and personally. After one year in Luleä, I found a job working as industrial engineer and I realized the importance of living abroad, connecting with an international environment and meeting new people and cultures.