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"Living in Lulea was incomparable to anything I have done before"

Publicerad: 14 juni 2018

James Wright Aspden, UK
Period of internship: October 2017 - Febrary 2018

Before coming to Lulea, I studied Biochemistry and Microbiology at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow.

Through IAESTE I gained this internship for a period of 5 months focussing on Organosolv pretreatment and Fermentation of Beechwood. This project allowed me to experience working in a field closely related to mine, giving me an insight into many Biotechnology techniques and alternative career possibilities. I found the work interesting and the other lab members were always friendly and willing to help if they could. Their positive attitude and enthusiasm towards their research was infectious meaning my time here did not feel like work at all.

Living in Lulea was incomparable to anything I have done before; seeing the Northern Lights; going dog sledding and skating on the frozen sea are experiences I will always remember. There were a lot of excursions organised and learning to play ice hockey really enhanced my experience, allowing me to meet other students in Lulea from all over the world.

After my internship at LTU I am moving to Germany for a placement in Greifswald. Thereafter I hope to continue with my studies and pursue a Masters. This internship has provided me with excellent laboratory experience and taught me techniques I will undoubtedly use in the future, enhancing my career prospects.