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"Moving to Sweden made it even more of an adventure"

Publicerad: 1 oktober 2018

Fabio Mikes, Switzerland
Period of internship: March – June 2018

At the time of my internship, I was studying Pharmaceutical Sciences at ETH Zurich, Switzerland. My 4-month internship at LTU focused on completely different subjects, but it was exciting to explore new research topics. And moving to Sweden made it even more of an adventure.

During my time as a member of the research group in biochemical process engineering, I was given the opportunity to work on multiple projects. My main task was to isolate lignin from different wood types and to explore novel applications. Besides that, I helped others with their projects and for example used microorganisms for sugar hydrolysis and lipid production. With literature research, experiment planning and execution, the lab work was a great opportunity to learn new skills and to experience the interesting world of academic research.

Luleå is a very small city, but there were still quite some things to do. In the earlier months of my stay, I liked to go skating on the ice road, practice with LTU’s student ice hockey team or go watch the professionals play at Coop Arena. Once the snow started melting, I went for bike tours to Gammelstad, the old town of Luleå, or had barbeques at one of Lulea’s countless beaches. Interns are also invited to be part of the exchange student network at LTU, allowing you to meet more people and to participate in many fun activities (e.g. a city trip to Helsinki and St. Petersburg in my case).

All in all, it was a great experience to live and work in Luleå. New friendships as well as the amazing support by colleagues and supervisors made my time in the north even more enjoyable.