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Raquel Perruca Foncillas, Spain
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"The atmosphere in the lab was really good"

Publicerad: 10 oktober 2017

Raquel Perruca Foncillas, Spain
Period of internship: July-September 2015

My experience as an intern in the Biochemical Process Engineering group at Luleå University of Technology was great. The atmosphere in the lab was really good, everyone was friendly and willing to help in case it was needed. I worked with cultivation of different species of microalgae in photobioreactors as well as setting up a method for lipid quantification. I was given a lot of freedom to work, which I appreciated, but still could always count on my supervisor for any help. In general, it was a really good first contact with real research and taught me that you may not always get perfect results, as it usually happens in prepared lab courses at University, but you can learn a lot on how to handle these little difficulties. I would definitely do it again.

After my internship I returned back to Barcelona to finish my Bachelor studies and after this I started my studies for M.Sc. in Biotechnology at Lund University.