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Biochemical Process Engineering

Biochemical Process Engineering is about developing integrated processes that combine biotechnology and chemistry to produce foods, chemicals, medicines and fuels.

Biokemisk processteknik 2022

A particular focus is on using bio-based raw materials as raw materials and to develop processes for biorefineries.

Clouds. Image source: Wikimedia Commons
Biotechnology for reduced emissions

In a new publication, researchers from Luleå University of Technology review novel and green routes to capture of carbon dioxide (CO2) from industrial emissions to combat climate change. For this purpose, they use an enzyme that is called carbonic anhydrase.

Zakarya Hamood Abdulbaqi Ahmed Al-Qadhi Photo: Privat
"It was a good experience for me"

Zakarya Hamood Abdulbaqi Ahmed Al-Qadhi from Turkey, Period of ERASMUS internship: January – March 2022.

Eleni Kapidou from Greece Photo: Privat
"During my internship I discovered the highly promising field of biotechnology"

Eleni Kapidou from Greece, Period of IAESTE internship: May 2021 – February 2022.