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Biochemical Process Engineering

Biochemical Process Engineering is about developing integrated processes that combine biotechnology and chemistry to produce foods, chemicals, medicines and fuels.

Biokemisk processteknik 2023

A particular focus is on using bio-based raw materials as raw materials and to develop processes for biorefineries.

Photo: Pixabay
Mining tailings are being upgraded – in order to capture carbon dioxide

The industrial green transition causes a larger-than-ever demand of metals. Now researchers at Luleå University of Technology will identify for the first time the potential of typical Swedish mine tailings, to be utilized and beneficial for the climate. In this project, researchers will investigate the potential of typical Swedish mine tailings to capture and store (CCS) by using tailings from Boliden Mineral, LKAB, and Copperstone Resources. Two different CO2 sources will be used, industrial emissions and direct air capture (DAC).

I media: Följ med till labbet på LTU – här bryts växter ner till vätgas
In the media: At the lab at LTU – we develop bioprocesses for green hydrogen production

Among our research, we have the goal of turning carbon dioxide and plant biomass residues into green hydrogen. The hydrogen gas is described as necessary for the big investments in northern Sweden.

Photo: Privat
"Experiencing subarctic climate was also new to me and quite exciting"

Eric Nabil Risse from Switzerland, Period of IAESTE internship: October 2021 – June 2022.

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