Research Areas

Publicerad: 8 november 2016

As the human society developed, so did the complexity of the built environment. Over the centuries, primitive structures have given way to ever more advanced designs, culminating in modern long span suspension bridges, highways, skyscrapers, advanced civil structures etc. The building materials evolved from bricks and ancient roman concretes into high performance nanomodified smart materials. Meanwhile, the worldwide population grew exponentially creating an increasing load on the natural environment and also significantly decreasing the available natural resources. In order to preserve the present way of life we need to look into more sustainable way to exist.  

The leading aim of the structural engineering group is to contribute to the enhancement of the sustainability of the construction processes and materials through better education, high level scientific research and innovation.

Group main activities are divided into focus areas of Building Materials and Structures. In contrast to the majority of universities both material oriented scientists and structural engineers work together.