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SMASCO19 - 1st International Conference On Smart Materials for Sustainable Construction

Published: 7 March 2019

The leading aim is to present current developments on smart building materials and on how to utilize and maximize their positive impact on the sustainability. The conference will facilitate discussions and networking for academia and industry.

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The 3-day conference will be divided into three main scientific thematic blocks:

  • Sustainable construction materials
  • Clean production technologies in construction industry
  • Smart construction materials

Sustainable construction materials will focus on materials based on ecological Portland cements containing various types and amounts of secondary cementitious materials, alkali activated cementitious binders, activated and processed mine wastes, clays, etc.

Clean production technologies will cover novel production technologies, enabling production of building materials with very low or even neutral CO 2 footprint, egmechanochemical activation processes, use of alternative energy resources for Portland cement production, etc.

Smart construction materials session will address a variety of topics related to smart materials in the construction sector. Concepts including self-monitoring or self-healing are being developed for building materials by mimicking phenomena occurring in, eg metals, polymers or bio organisms.

The conference aims to bring together a wide audience of scientists, engineers and professionals interested in performing research on smart and sustainable materials for construction sector applications.

Supported by:

Smasco Partners