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Andrzej Cwirzen
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Award to Professor Andrzej Cwirzen

Published: 20 November 2020

Luleå University of Technology's Professor Andrzej Cwirzen has been named Concrete Researcher of the Year.

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The award was announced at this year's Betonggalan.
A total of ten prizes were awarded, where Andrzej Cwirzen, professor of building materials, was named Concrete Researcher of the Year with the following motivation:

“Puts Swedish concrete research on the world map! 
After Professor Andrzej Cwirzen arrived at Luleå University of Technology in 2015, he has carefully managed the 40-year-old, reputable concrete research and now developed it further in an impressive way.

Two years ago, the building materials subject was formed and Cwirzen has, as a chaired professor, already established a very knowledgeable and productive group of young researchers (ten doctoral students and two on their way in) who work in close contact with experienced senior researchers (including adjunct professor John Provis, University of Sheffield and Dr. Urs Mueller, RISE).

In December 2019, Andrzej Cwirzen was responsible for the implementation of the conference SMASCO (Smart Materials for Sustainable Construction) with contributions from several international leading researchers in the field of concrete as well as from Swedish researchers and doctoral students – the first conference of its kind in Sweden! 
Cwirzen is a much appreciated chaired professor and highlights, as often as he can, the young concrete protégés.