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Conference paper

Building Information Modelling: Challenges, Benefits, and Prospects for Adoption in Developing Countries (2023)

Al-Sarafi. A, Alias. A, Jakarni. F, Shafri. H, Gamil. Y
Part of: International Conference on Information Systems and Intelligent Applications, ICISIA 2022, s. 551-566, Springer Nature, 2023
Article in journal

Experimental based assessment of formwork pressure theoretical design models for self-compacting concrete (2023)

Gamil. Y, Nilimaa. J, Cwirzen. A, Emborg. M
Journal of Building Engineering, Vol. 68
Article in journal

Interpretable Machine Learning for Prediction of Post-Fire Self-Healing of Concrete (2023)

Rajczakowska. M, Szeląg. M, Habermehl-Cwirzen. K, Hedlund. H, Cwirzen. A
Materials, Vol. 16, nr. 3
Conference paper

Monitoring Road Infrastructures with Self-sensing Asphalt Pavements (2023)

Gulisano. F, Buasiri. T, Cwirzen. A, Gallego. J
Part of: European Workshop on Structural Health Monitoring: EWSHM 2022, s. 784-793, Springer Nature, 2023
Article in journal

The Impact of Different Parameters on the Formwork Pressure Exerted by Self-Compacting Concrete (2023)

Gamil. Y, Cwirzen. A, Nilimaa. J, Emborg. M
Materials, Vol. 16, nr. 2