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Smart concrete

Sci-fi scenario or feasible solution?

Most people perceive concrete as a grey, cold, heavy, and primitive material. But what if we could make a smart concrete which would tell us, just like our body does, that there is something wrong and needs to be taken care off? Or could we make a concrete which will, again just like the human body, heal - repair itself? Perhaps for most people, also including many engineers, it sounds like one of those science fiction movies showing a sophisticated intelligent material that can change its function, shape, colour and self-heal? Well, the truth is that concrete can be intelligent as well and can do both: it can be self-monitoring and self-healing. Research on those properties was carried out by many around the world with mixed results. Sweden also did not stay behind and developed few ground-breaking solutions. Our Building Materials research group is one of the key players working on innovative solutions for concrete including also self-monitoring and self-healing capabilities.