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BM - sustainability
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Building materials

Building Materials includes sustainable building materials and their application technologies, recycling and reuse, and applied building physics, especially focusing on the artic conditions.

Icebreaker FREJ as a research platform for building materials group from LTU

Icebreaker FREJ is a known sight for Luleå especially in the summer. During winter, this vessel is out in the Bothnia bay helping ships to go through the ice, day and night regardless of the weather conditions. Professor Andrzej Cwirzen from the group of building materials from LTU embarked the FREJ for two weeks research mission in March 2021.

Andrzej Cwirzen
Award to Professor Andrzej Cwirzen

Luleå University of Technology's Professor Andrzej Cwirzen has been named Concrete Researcher of the Year.

Professor Mats Emborg is interviewed Photo: Richard Renberg
In the media: The building materials of the future - waiting for climate neutral concrete

Mats Emborg, professor in Building Materials at Luleå University of Technology and head of research at Betongindustri AB.


The main goal of the project is to develop a concrete material capable of self-repair. The focus is on the autogeneous self-healing, ie the ability of concrete and other cementitious materials due to their specific chemical composition and in addition, under favorable environmental conditions.

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Residual sources

Transforming selected industrial residuals into sustainable high-end construction products

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Smart Cement for Novel Monitoring System

PCMs in concrete

Energy-efficient concrete with bio-based PCMs for improving sustainability in buildings.

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Natural or residual material sources for producing sustainable cementitious materials