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Research at the Construction Management and Construction Engineering Research Groups

Published: 22 April 2006

The orderers role in a production process

Research on the situation around the orderer of building projects. What can one do to make a process mirror and satisfy the expectations and demants of the orderer?

Completed project:

"Byggherren som förändringsagent" - Anders Wennström

The process of production

Research is concentrating on ways to make parts of the process more effective (such as bidding, planning, production and delivery)

Ongoing Projects:
Riskhantering i normalstora byggprojekt - Kajsa Simu

Riskstyrningsmodeller vid olika entreprenad- och samverkansformer - Ekaterina Osipova

Completed project:

Utvecklingsprojekt: Kartläggning av riskhanteringsprocessen i relation till 3D CAD - Kajsa Simu, Thomas Olofsson, Lennart Apleberger

Organization and management

Research includes the making of theories, analyses, communication, process knowledge, management competence and questions around trends in different parts of the world and more.

Ongoing project:

Produktionskalkylen som informationsbärare och managementverktyg - Annelie Karlsson

Completed project:
Produktivitetsmätning som förändringsverktyg - Azam Forsberg

Construction management

Ongoing project:

2008 -2010
Value Creation in Cultural Construction - Kristina Laurell Stenlund