The Construction Client as a change agent

Published: 22 April 2006

The purpose of my research is to understand how the construction client can contribute to the development of the construction process. The construction industry is project-based, highly fragmented, temporary and consisting of different corporate cultures. Those different corporate cultures are merged in a project environment when it comes to a construction process. At the same time a change in attitudes, behaviour and procedures is highlighted to increase the chance of project success and an improved end product. These changes have the character of an incremental, non-linear implementation process. The main creator of any initiatives is argued to be the construction client, since she/he sets the rules for the governing of the construction process. Diffusion of change can be seen as a course of action for transforming ideas into realities. This transformation has to take place in a project environment due to the characteristics of the construction sector and the construction process.

Anders Vennström
Senior Lecturer