Wood-framed shear wall
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Provisions for a new plastic design method for wood-framed shear walls

Published: 30 May 2013

the purpose of the project is to establish provisions for a new plastic design method for wood-framed shear walls through understanding the brittle failures of the bottom rail. It is derived in cooperation with LTH, LNU and UMU and financed by EU regional funds in Västerbotten and Norrbotten.

Shear walls are structural elements designed to counter lateral loads acting on a structure, usually wind and seismic loads. In Europe, three different design methods of shear walls exist: two in Eurocode 5 and one in the test standard EN 594.  A unified design method is needed. This work is part of an effort to establish a new plastic design method for wood-framed shear walls. If successful, the use of a plastic design method would lead to more economic structures with great flexibility in the placement and arrangement of joints. The end goal of this research is to have the plastic design method incorporated into Eurocode 5.

The theory behind the plastic design method has been established by Källsner and Girhammar. Previous experimental works have given the knowledge about what sheathings are suitable and what fasteners to use to obtain a plastic failure. Now the study is focused on how to design and verify the anchorage system. To achieve that, the bottom rail of the shear wall is in focus, in search for methods to avoid brittle splitting of the bottom rail and to find out how to anchor the bottom rail to the substrate. 

The study is conducted by means of:

  • Experimental studies of the anchorage system for timber shear walls.
  • Use of fracture mechanics theory to evaluate the splitting capacity of the bottom rail in partially anchored timber shear walls.
  • Numerical modeling of anchorage systems in partially anchored timber shears walls.



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