Continuous improvement and experience feedback in off-site construction

Published: 23 April 2013

The research project is based on a general need for improved quality and reduced costs in the Swedish housing construction, which for several years has been addressed both by authorities and scientists as well as from the construction industry itself.

It is reasonable to industrial construction produces houses with higher product safety, improved quality, guaranteed or minimized maintenance costs and reduced resource usage. From a sustainability perspective to the house to satisfy the client's long term needs for both the operation, maintenance and living environment. Focus on the house with a clear life-cycle approach, associated with the introduction of the keywords standardization, repetitive processes and feedback. The research involves systematizing it and build a model for experience feedback can result in an increase in product quality.

The work focuses on the introduction of a process of thinking about improvement and experience feedback. This is by finding and evaluating a methodology for implementing the entire chain of collecting, structuring, analyzing the data of experience, and implement improvements continuously. Introduction of a methodology for systematic experience feedback means, among other things, reduced waste, reduced costs for error and that error does not recur between construction projects - a major step forward and a potential competitive advantage for industrial prefabricated buildings.

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Helena Lidelöw

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