Clients’ responsiveness to contractor-led innovation

Published: 10 June 2013

This SBUF-funded project is initiated by NCC Construction Sverige AB and examines the applicability of previous research in the area of innovation and business development.

For this project, a rather new tool for cooperation between academia and industry practice is tested, “omvänd adjungering”, where a  researcher spends part of her time at a company for the purpose of communicating and translating research findings directly into the company's processes and business development activities.

The objectives of the project include testing the link between the construction company and the client's business strategy for various production strategies related to industrialized building, and also testing customers (clients, property owners) responsiveness to different types of product platforms (such as industrialized building, energy efficient construction, green building). Furthermore, the project aims to evaluate the value and benefit of "omvänd adjungering”  as a tool for collaboration.

The project is carried out during autumn 2012 - spring 2013, and the “omvänd adjungering” covers the equivalent of 20 % of full time for six months for Timber Structure employee Susanne Engström.


Susanne Engström

Engström, Susanne - Senior Lecturer

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