Reducing Greenhouse Gases from Road and Railroad Construction
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Planning for increased productivity and recreased CO2 emissions in transport infrastructure projects

Published: 2 February 2016

Construction processes in Sweden emit as much greenhouse gases (GHGs) as all private cars in the country. Despite this, research efforts for reducing these emissions in the construction industry are limited. This research project which is funded by SBUF proposes methods for estimating and practically reducing GHG emissions from road and railway construction.

The construction industry in Sweden annually emit about 10 million tonnes of GHGs, which is of the same order of magnitude as all private cars in the country. Although roads and railroads are responsible for 1/3 of the industry’s emissions, the research efforts have been limited. Whereas most research focuses on measuring and assessing emissions, few have proposed approaches for practically reducing them.

This research project aims at developing approaches for reducing GHG emissions in road and railroad projects, both from on-site and life-cycle perspectives. The project is funded by SBUF.