Industrialised housing design

Published: 22 April 2006

Platforms in Industrialised House-Buildning is a project financed by the competence center of Lean Wood Engineering (LWE) together with SBUF. The research project focus on how platforms could contribute to a more transparent and efficient process.

Demands for shorter lead times, customized buildings and high quality deliveries, drive house-building firms to systematize work in their supply chains. A practice of reusing processes and technical solutions leads to development of industrialised house-building. Product platforms originate from industries employing a make-to-order strategy, where platforms are used to achieve efficient design and product development work. The house-building design phase, integrated in an engineer-to-order supply chain, has been identified as crucial for achieving an efficient production.

In the design phase, design work combines predefinitions with project requirements. For companies that strive for a industrialised process becomes modularization and standardization keywords to secure quality and control of the work. Disproportionate amount of time is spent on the design process, where the product can be defined based on a company building systems and process. The process is not clearly visualized, making it difficult to monitor and control. Validation tools for the design process, with the support of information management and simulation enables efficiency improvements.

A possible method to standardize the process is to describe it in the form of a platform, which also includes tools to visualize the work of design. The goal is to reduce the time spent on design and instead release time for product development for the platform. The means to get there is a combination of organizing and structuring of functional requirements, components, activities, and resources can be allocated to a predefined range of products.



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