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Lean Wood Value Chain

Published: 19 December 2008

By using industrialized processes and methods for planning, procurement and manufacturing of products in the wood value chain, the whole system productivity can be increased. The project is financed by TräIn, LWE, and TräIn2.

The purpose of the PhD project is to describe and analyze vertical integration in the wood value chain of component manufacturing from a Supply Chain Management perspective. The focus is to identify, describe, and analyze value streams and suggest improved methods, that increase throughput, reduce capital employed or reduce operational costs, and that companies can apply in their design of a supply chain.

Empirical data is collected from two industry-projects; the first phase (2009-2010) is a supply chain collaboration project at a SME systems building company that is financed by TräIn. The second phase (2011-2014), a SME sawmill that changed its business model and mode for supply chain integration towards systems building companies, is financed by LWE and TräIn2.

In the first phase data was collected from the work within the value chain, product development process and supply chain collaboration between companies. Data is collected through interviews of different actors within the value chain, observations, and through simulation. In the second phase data is collected through interviews within the value chain, value stream mapping, observations and archival documentation.

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Jarkko Erikshammar

Erikshammar, Jarkko - Adjunct University Lecturer

Organisation: Construction Management and Building Technology , Industrialized and sustainable construction, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
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