Stabilising system for multi-storey beam and post timber buildings

Published: 23 April 2013

The project is funded by the competence center Lean Wood Engineering (LWE). The research project was to focus on some construction technologies pelarbalksystemet Trä8, product of Moelven Töreboda AB.

Pelarbalksystemet Trä8 is intended as an open and flexible building system which, with its large spans and large open spaces to be used primarily in commercial buildings, office buildings and business premises.

The project focuses in a big way in the stabilization of the newly developed pelarbalksystemet in wooden flats. The stabilization is based on prefabricated elements made of laminated wood skeleton and Kerto-Q discs screw glued on both sides of the element. In the project, the optimal because the mounting for the stabilizing elements are taken up after completion of laboratory tests and FE simulations. Performance of the stabilizing walls and individually in the system context should also be tested and simulated.

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