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Displacement in medium-rise timber buildings

Published: 30 May 2013

Lager and higher buildings are built today where displacements in connections become critical. Displacement in connections is study in this project financed by TräCentrum Norr and Sweco Structures AB.

Higher and larger timber buildings are constructed where stabilizing against wind and serviceability limit sate aspect become more critical. Due to de low density of wood houses can be exposed by large lateral displacement. When designing higher buildings it is not unusual that the displacement, movements and deformations aspect in the serviceability limit state are determining criteria, rather than the capacity in the ultimate limit state.  In this project the focus are on displacement in connections in serviceability limit state and what affect the stiffness has on a medium-rise timber building. Today no limit or tolerance levels are set due to displacement.

A basic finite element model has been done on stabilizing walls in a post and beam system and a light-frame system. Displacement and what effect the stiffness in different connections has on the building are studied. Further research is to study the sheathing-frame connections and compare the result with analytical methods.



Ida Edskär

Edskär, Ida -

Organisation: Industrialized and sustainable construction, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering
Room: F967 - Luleå»