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Carolina Weinz, doctoral student at Luleå University of Technology. Photo: Iida Junnikkala View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Increased focus on sustainability during renovations

Published: 29 October 2020

Carolina Weinz, a new PhD student at the Division of Industrial and Sustainable Construction at Luleå University of Technology, will research about sustainable renovations of buildings with a cultural-historical value from a life cycle perspective.

What is your research about?

I will participate in two research projects, both of which are funded by the Swedish Energy Agency and are part of their "Save and preserve" program. The research and development program Save and Preserve aims to contribute knowledge and competence about how culturally and historically valuable buildings can have a more efficient use of energy while preserving its cultural values.

In the project Value assessment of measures for energy efficiency and improved indoor climate in 1970’s historic environments my aim is to investigate if and in what way improved energy efficiency and indoor climate can be achieved in a historic environment from the 1970s. For the project, a case study of two residential buildings in Piteå has been selected.

Today, a large part of our Swedish housing stock was built during the million-programme 1965-1975 and of these, approximately two thirds are apartment buildings. In this stock, there is a great need for renovation and increased energy efficiency. AB PiteBo is co-financier for the project.

And in the second project, Life-cycle assessments on Maintenance And Renovation for Sustainable heritage (Life On Mars), I will study how implementation of life cycle assessments and analyzes for cultural-historical buildings that lack documented data for their building components can be done. I will also study whether it is more economically justifiable to have continuous energy efficiency renovations during a building’s lifetime or more periodically deep renovations.

What is your background?

From Luleå. Studied the Master Programme in Architectural Engineering here at LTU, which I just graduated from. Professionally, I have worked for several years in retail and since 2015 I run a sole proprietorship where I get the freedom to take on creative projects.

What made you want to research?

In the summer of 2017, I got a taste of the PhD life when I worked as a research engineer at LTU. During that summer, I worked on a 4D simulation of an upcoming port construction – in other words how to visualize the port construction’s growth over time. The focus was on clarifying the various activities that would be carried out during the construction period. I felt at home right away! Working towards solving current problems is something that really drives me. So, wanting to research has been in the back of my mind for a long time.

Towards the end of my study time, the opportunity to apply for this PhD position appeared and luckily, I got it!

For more info:

Carolina Weinz

Carolina Weinz, PhD Student

Phone: +46 (0)920 492929
Organisation: Construction Management and Building Technology , Industrialized and sustainable construction, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering