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Student in focus: Joel Larsson

Published: 11 May 2020

Meet Joel Larsson who is conducting his last semester at the Master Programme in Civil Engineering with a particular focus on Structural Engineering.

During his studies, it is design of different solutions in structural engineering that caught Joel's interest. Joel is currently writing his master thesis in collaboration with Lindbäcks Bygg that manufactures apartment buildings with volume elements and timber stud frames. Today there is an increased interest in building taller buildings with timber. However, a problem with timber stud frames is that the building height is limited to roughly 6 - 8 stories. Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) is a relatively new product and can be an important part of the solution to the construction of taller timber buildings. The purpose of the thesis is to study how much taller it is possible to build when a timber stud frame is strengthened with CLT and to compare this solution with the non-strengthened stud frame. This is done by analysis of several wall frames, with different dimensions on studs and CLT-plates. The aim of the study is to provide knowledge that can be useful to Lindbäcks as they develop a new wall type, with CLT, for their building system.