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Abbas Tafti, Industrial Doctoral student via WSP at LTU View original picture , opens in new tab/window

WSP and LTU in research collaboration

Published: 22 October 2020

Abbas Tafti, a new industrial doctoral student at WSP and LTU / IHB, will participate in a research project with the name "Customer-centered service development based on automation". The project focuses on how technology consultants can develop their business models through design automation.

What is your research about?

The future is coming soon and we need to be ready for it. Technology for automating construction design is already available and is under rapid development. Automatic calculation and model generation will in the long run be the basis for a developed business for the technology consultants, a business that needs to be based on close collaboration with customers rather than on conventional hourly billing. The overall purpose of this doctoral project is to contribute to increased sustainability in the construction sector, in such an environment.

The research will work with digital business development at a technology consultant (WSP), by participating in the development of customer-centric services. In the project, we will develop an understanding of the mechanisms and make the results visible. The work is conducted in collaboration with customers. The project includes matching these customers and their challenges with the development of possible customer offerings, based on automatic design functions that WSP develops.

What is your background?

I studied as a Civil Engineering Technical Engineer in my home country, Iran, and I have a master's degree in International Project Management from Chalmers University of Technology (Major subject was Industrial Engineering and Management).
I have worked as a supervisor, project manager, contractor, sales manager and CEO in other and my own company in both the construction industry. In Sweden, I worked as a project manager in the Port of Gothenburg and Fastighets AB Balder.

What made you want to become a PhD student?

It's great to learn new things. Studying more, researching and doctorating was my dream, I think i need to know a lot more about the area which i work in. Industrial PHD student is a title that means a lot of work, you have to study a lot and work in a workplace to find new ways to work easier and more efficiently, but at the end when we get the result it feels very good and special. I think it is a good purpose for life to learn and help humanity to a single small step forward, if it possible.