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Isak Andersson, student at Luleå University of Technology, photographer: Richard Renberg
Isak Andersson, student at Luleå University of Technology, photographer: Richard Renberg View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Student in focus: Isak Andersson

Published: 31 May 2023

Meet Isak Andersson who is conducting his last semester at the Master Programme in Architecture with a particular focus on House building.

Isak Andersson developed an understanding of the complexity of the construction industry during his internship as a plumbing designer. This experience sparked a growing interest in simplifying and streamlining the construction process. He realized that continually updating a workplace layout with current information would facilitate both planning work and the daily management of site operations. Currently, Isak is working on his degree project for the Division of Industrialized and Sustainable Construction, with empirical data collected at PEAB and Dalux during the study.

The aim of his thesis is to explore the possibility of automating the transfer of information from a 360-degree helmet camera on the construction site to a digital model of the construction site layout. He emulates inspection rounds conducted normally by site management, utilizing a helmet camera to gather information from the construction site. This information is then used to update the digital site layout model, making progress, deviations, and, consequently, potential risks more visible.

The thesis is part of the ongoing research project Automated productivity measurements for construction projects.

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Jarkko Erikshammar

Jarkko Erikshammar, Senior Lecturer

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Organisation: Construction Management and Building Technology , Industrialized and sustainable construction, Department of Civil, Environmental and Natural Resources Engineering