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Design includes scientific and artistic queries about sustainable design of technology, communication, services, environments and systems based on the conditions and challenges of the individual and society.

Professor lecture including design

All around us are design solutions that do not always work for the user. Design solutions that are tailored to the user to act in a certain way or be a certain person. It can range from visual communication, physical products, interactions and services to places and environments. Åsa Wikberg Nilsson's professor lecture is about how to create inclusive design solutions by being norm-critical in your work and taking into account, among other things, gender, ethnicity, age and functional variation.

Civil society an important actor for the long-term unemployed

There is a knowledge gap regarding the role of civil society in integrating people who are far from the labour market according to a new research report. - Civil society organisations can help people in the target group through their good insight into their life situation, says Malin Lindberg, professor of gender and technology and one of the researchers behind the report.

Thus can tacit knowledge be communicated

A new dissertation from Luleå University of Technology analyzes the graphic designer's creative process, how it is affected by digital and analogue working methods and how the designer's tacit knowledge can be made visible.

Digital equality tools require multi-competence

It has become increasingly common with various forms of digital tools in gender equality work in companies and other organisations. Malin Lindberg, professor of gender and technology, has analysed two processes in which academia, in collaboration with companies and other actors in society, have developed new digital gender equality tools.

Boys more satisfied with the leisure offer in Piteå

Girls are not as satisfied as boys with the leisure offer in Piteå municipality. Being active in leisure activities also seems to influence the extent to which young people have tried or regularly use tobacco, alcohol and drugs. These are some of the results in an ongoing study of leisure activities among high school students in Piteå municipality, Ung 2.0, which is carried out by researchers at Luleå University of Technology.

Åsa Wikberg-Nilsson och Jörgen Normark Photo: Åsa Stubbfält
Design for a sustainable future

Researchers in Industrial Design at Luleå University of Technology are developing a digital service that will motivate people to make climate-smart choices in everyday life.

stad stadsplanering
Design handbook for non-excluding city development

Research shows that increased knowledge of norm criticism among those who work with urban planning and new working methods are keys to building attractive, non-excluding and sustainable cities.

Want to spread old knowledge about reindeer slaughter

In a new project within Interreg Sápmi, an innovative education is being developed to make small businesses in the reindeer industry more competitive and attractive.

Photo: Emma Åsberg och Jennie Olausson
Students design igloo for the University

An environmentally friendly meeting place in a unique winter environment – this is how students in Industrial Design Engineering describe their igloo concept. Their prototype will now be realised at the University in February.

Agneta Dahlgren
She is Renault's Design Manager

Agneta Dahlgren is currently working as a Design Manager at Renault. She describes her study time in Luleå as amazing and says that her successful career had not been possible without the solid education she received at Luleå University of Technology.