NIMO - Nordic Interaction and Mobility Research Platform

Published: 13 February 2012

Mobile services and apps for communication with citizens is developed by Skellefteå Municipality, together with researchers from Luleå University. The cooperation is part of an EU project where researchers from Luleå University of Technology, University of Oulu and Lapin Yliopisto, Rovaniemi work together to create a strong Nordic platform for developing mobile and interactive services.

Karl Andersson, researcher at the Department of Computer Science at Luleå University of Technology is leading the project with a budget of  700 000 euros.

- In Skellefteå, we cooperate with the municipality around mobile e-services. The municipality is already well advanced in e-services and mobile apps to communicate with its citizens, he says. With the NIMO project, we are strengthening ties with the municipality's IT department more and get a very good basis for cooperation with the Finnish team. In Rovaniemi, the focus is on social media for the elderly, while the contribution  from Oulu is  3D Internet.

NIMO stands for Nordic Interaction and Mobility Research Platform. Partners in the project is alsolisa, Rovalan and Finnish Red Cross in the project which will run until 2014.


Professor Karl Andersson 0910-58 53 64

Karl Andersson and Dan Johansson
Karl Andersson, researacher and leader of project NIMO and Dan Johansson, researcher in application mobility. Both Luleå University of Technology