From left to right: Karl Andersson, Dan Johansson, Ismo Alakärppä, Timo Ojala, Daniele Zanni, Ilpo Okkonen.

NIMO Project Launched

Published: 16 December 2011

Northern Sweden and northern Finland are sparsely populated areas, with an aging population. This creates challenges for the government when it comes to offering service to all citizens, increasing quality of life for older people and creating opportunities for young people to stay and live in the region. An effective cooperation between universities, companies in the ICT industry and public sector is important for a well-functioning regional development in northern Sweden and northern Finland. The focus of the NIMO project is to establish a common research platform in the areas of mobility and interaction, i.e. make it possible for people to use IT systems in an efficient and satisfactory way wherever they live. Interdisciplinary research, development and innovation are important keywords in achieving this.