At the European summit on the future of the Internet in Luxembourg June 6, 2011, the research project Sense Smart City got First Prize of 5,000 Euro for the best idea. Jan Pettersson received the award and presented the project.

Sense Smart City - sensor networks in a smart city

Published: 13 February 2012

Sense Smart City is a Swedish project designed to conduct research, create new business opportunities and sustainability increase ICT research and innovation capability with specific objective to make urban cities/areas "smarter".

The project will generate new and better ICT solutions, that instrument urban areas to gather and combine information (energy, traffic, weather, events, activities, needs and oppinions) continously as well as "on-demand". This will enable city environments to become "smarter", as more adaptive and supportive environment, for its inhabitants and visitors - people as well as organisations. The increased "smartness" will be recognized and measured in many ways, for example how resources (energy, public transportation, infrastructures, environments etc) are utilized and managed. The smartness will also be recognized in how quickly and efficiently new needs can be addressed, how problems/congestions are avoided and more swiftly resolved, and how information is provided more proactively and accurately with less risk for "information overload", based on increased system "awareness" and "responsiveness" towards changing local/regional needs, conditions and contexts.

Project activity plan includes four smart city pilot services/operations with activity center in the Skellefteå area in north Sweden. Using these pilots as drivers, project will build capacity and perform scientific research in the area of smart city specific needs for communication, mobile systems and services. It also includes pilot implementation and utilization of distributed sensor systems for smart city services. Within the scope and context of the project, CDT will initiate a strengthened regional ICT innovation system, for sustainably increased regional ICT research, design and business innovation capability. The main commissioner/financier of the Sense Smart City project is the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Sw. Tillväxtverket), as managing organisation for EU Structural Funds investments in Sweden. Significant funding is also recieved from Skellefteå Municipality and Regional Council of Västerbotten. Project owner is the Centre for Distance-Spanning Technology (CDT) at Luleå University of Technology. The project has a total budget of approx 2,7 MEUR (26 MSEK) and runs for 36 months starting on the 2010-09-01.

project manager:
Jan Pettersson, LTU-CDT
research group:
Mobile Networks
companies, others:
Explizit, Skellefteå Kraft