Kursstart Åre
Robert Brännström, Luleå University of Technology, starts the course web development on-site in Åre. View original picture , opens in new tab/window

Historical course start in Åre

Published: 22 January 2019

The course introduction has now taken place for those students who are going to take the course Web Development in Åre at Luleå University of Technology.

Among other things, the course in web development deals with analyzing and designing web pages with focus on usability and design. Later this spring, the university will also offer a continuation course on the same subject.

– It feels great that we have a university that dares to invest in education here in Åre. It has hardly been a year since we made a first contact with Luleå University of Technology and today it is finally time for the first lecture, says Kicki Eriksson, operations manager at Campus Åre Lärcentrum.

Initially, the establishment in Åre is about offering two courses in web development – the first has just started, the other one starts in April. On site in Åre to conduct the course introduction was Robert Brännström, senior lecturer at Luleå University of Technology.

– To give courses here in Åre goes exactly in line with our profile and it feels very good to be here today, says Robert Brännström.

Text: Rasmus Persson/Åre municipality and Linda Alfredsson/Luleå University of Technology