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New applications for learning in the VR classroom

Published: 19 December 2018

Computer game technology is used in the student project VR Classroom to create a better learning experience through virtual reality, VR and a sensor to detect hand movements.

As part of the LTU's XR lab, 4 students have created a demonstrator for how VR and motion detection can be used to create new types of computer interactions and new learning experiences. The technology used is a cordless HTC Vive Pro and a Leap Motion (which unfortunately is not wireless right now).

The project is done as part of the course Pervasive Computing, M7012E (teacher: Prof. Kåre Synnes). XR-Labbet is led by Prof. Peter Parnes and is partly financed by Luleå Municipality and Region Norrbotten to highlight the use of computer game technology for new applications.

Students: Erik Gustavsson, David Olsson Granlund, Jonathan Palm, Ravilj Adelbrunn
Master of Computer Science.

Demo movie for the application

VR Classroom
VR Classroom
VR Classroom
VR Classroom