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Published: 6 September 2017

Research Program

The goal of the eMaintenance Research Program is to overcome the weaknesses in the operation and maintenance system by looking at how to facilitate in decision-making in the maintenance process through provision of methodologies, technologies, and tools to various process phases (i.e. maintenance management, maintenance support planning, maintenance planning, maintenance execution, maintenance assessment, and maintenance improvement) on-line and in real-time, by integrating the requirements of all stakeholders.

The overall concept behind the eMaintenance Research Program (EMRP) is to enable a multi-disciplinary applied research, education, and innovation process to conduct relevant activities in eMaintenance. EMRP focuses on topics which reflect issues and challenges within industry and academia. Some of these topics are: Big Data Analytics, cloud-computing, distributed computing, crowd-computing, information logistics, data integration, data fusion, data rocessing, data visualisation, and context adaptation. The program also aims to design, develop and provide artefacts based on edge technology to demonstrate proof-of-concept within the aforementioned topics. The main objective of these demonstrators are to validate academic outcome in industrial contexts. To achieve this, EMRP collaborate with eMaintenance LAB. eMaintenance LAB, is located at the University in Luleå and a similar site developed for LKAB in Kiruna, Sweden. These sites are designed and developed to facilitate hands-on experiences in eMaintenance research. The lab provides a set of inter-connected and integrated services grouped as architectural services, infrastructural services, and platform services. The provided tools are utilised in research, education, and innovation within operation and maintenance.Furthermore, eMaintenance LAB is used to encourage and strengthen the cooperation and collaboration between industrial and academia partners. In addition, EMRP has initiated the International Workshop and Congress in eMaintenance, which is the first and only conference in this discipline. EMRP has been hosting the conferences since 2010, in cooperation with the partners from industry and academia. The conferences have been a forum for fruitful knowledgesharing between industry and academia.

A project within the program

IN2SMART represents the first project of the Shift2Rail members referring to the following Technology Demonstrators (TDs) in the Multi Annual Action Plan. Degradation models and decision making tools to support maintenance strategies and execution: IN2SMART will lay the foundation of a generic framework for asset management and decision support process.