Condition monitoring

Publicerad: 14 augusti 2017

Development of train based system for monitoring track defects and rail track components

Sponsors: Trafikverket/JVTC

Researchers: Praneeth Chandran, Matti Rantatalo (PL)

Duration: 2017-2021

The goal is to develop a train based system for monitoring track defects and rail track components. With the extension of high-speed railway network, the major challenge lies in reducing these operation and maintenance costs while augmenting the capacity of the rail network. In order to lower maintenance costs, enhance safety and increase track capacity, railroad companies are laying more emphasis on substituting the current manual inspection process with automatic inspection system for more efficient, effective and objective inspections. Machine vision has been gradually adopted by the railway industry as a track inspection technology, however these automated visual inspection techniques are relatively an expensive technique to carry out, especially for long-term projects and long distance measurements. Automated visual inspection becomes a challenge when, the rail and the fasteners is obscured due to dust coverage, surface erosion, rusting or covered under snow or other debris. Further, visual based sensors are found difficult to mount on an in-service trains as they are effected by brightness fluctuation and motion blurring during the travel. Therefore, an effective and sophisticated alternative approach for inspection needs to be explored