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001 An Current state analysis of track section 119

Published: 28 April 2014

The goal is that the starting position is described so clearly that it can be used in other sub-projects to measure improvements

The state of the art analysis is included as a subproject in ePilot119 that has the aim to implement the results of research, increase the chances maintenance data exchange between all parties involved in railway operation and to identify potential operating procedures for this.

The goal is that the starting position is described so clearly that it can be used in other sub-projects in order to measure improvements in the operation and maintenance of the track portion 119 and even deliver a survey of key indicators by which it becomes possible to measure the changes in relation to the starting position. The description must be clear that it can be used as a "true value" ie be applied to the output value to be improved to a target value (target to meet) in future projects.

results Description

Current situation analysis describing the starting position in both hard and soft parameters to document the conditions when the project started. The present situation is summarized in a fact sheet for the path section 119 which in its current version contains a lot of gaps. Situation analysis confirms that the railway is a complex system both technically and organizationally. The system requires a large technical systems' skills, which today is divided into several "independent" commercial and non-commercial partners such as the supervisory authority, infrastructure managers, operators, suppliers, maintenance workshops, consultants, maintenance contractors and research. Parties governing cooperation through agreements and contracts often lack the performance management, incentive and collaboration requirements.

Project leader: Ulla Junti,

Project partners: The Swedish Transport Administration, Luleå University of Technology, lernia

The work performed by the students Therese Tönnhed and Ingemar Hedenström at Lernia 2-year training of electrical and signal designers.