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008 Running comfort

Published: 16 May 2014

This project aims to elucidate whether bumby transit depends on the vehicle or the track.

To clarify whether bad time due to the vehicle or the track as needs exclusions happen. One way to clarify and obtain a measure of vehicle instability / bad time behavior, is to measure the equivalent conicity. If you have an eye on this measure and thereto is applying a maintenance limit, you get the opportunity at managing the comfort-related (customer impact) to avoid bad time, additionally, where appropriate, to exclude vehicles the individual as the cause of bad time and a highly improved service request on track irregularities can occur. The project delivers answers to whether the method of measurement for equivalent conicity is applicable to wheel profile meter, and if it is possible to control the maintenance of this methodology.

results Description

Equivalent conicity is a central concept among the once dynamic expertise. The measurement can, theoretically at least, tell us about the running stability as a studied vehicle gets when it is deployed. This study reported the opportunities you have to automatically measure wheel profiles out there on the line with the system Wheel View and via the wheel profiles calculate the equivalent conicity of passing vehicles. Mätdatats quality and availability becomes important aspects.

The results of the study made indicates that the wheel profile meter Wheel View in Sunderbyn seems clear profile height measurement on most SJ vehicles, but that the first axes in the train often absent. It is likely that the measuring station may be problems with the trains whose speed exceeds 70 km / h the tuned. The measurement accuracy at any point along the profile, when compared with the Mini Prof be about + 0.6 / -1,5mm while precision is better, Tentatively +/- 0.5mm. With precision here refers to the spread of recurrent reading of the same profile and without modification of the system calibration. The concept of profile measurement is included that for any point on the profile to assess the wear and tear over time.

Project leader: Pär Soderstrom, SJ, p

Project partners: SJ AB, Damill AB, the Swedish Transport Administration, Luleå University of Technology