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012 Switches Project

Published: 23 May 2014

Switches are vulnerable parts of the railway network, especially at the Iron Ore line where large amounts of heavy traffic passes. The switches also cause many disruptions in the railway traffic and is the part that has most inspection notes.

In order to develop and improve maintenance quality of the switches, the intention of this project is to, through the collection and analysis of measurement data, control maintenance to reduce maintenance cost and increase the availability / quality.

The swtich currently account for a very large proportion of remarks and railwaytrafic disturbing faults. Until now,  a manufacturer, a contractor and a consultant has never worked jointly on this issue. One estimate is that  we together can reduce errors, when we use the data that is available, and the common knowledge that the parties possess.

Project Period: 2014-06-01 - 2015-03-01 (starting date can be brought forward)

Project: Östen Finnman, SWECO, Project Manager