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017 Vagnavsyning Sandskär

Published: 23 November 2016

Damill AB has during the period August 2013-June 2015 built a measuring station for LKAB with 14 lasers and 9 cameras which measure and assess the status of about 5,000 measurements on a unloading ore train with 68 cars. It is the control of eg wheel rims, brake pads, springs, door lock, steps and load regulation valve on the brake. The system is located in Sand Cut (Lulea).

The system has been running in the two test periods. The first trial run showed problems with severe fogging in the premises that disturbed the camera images and even problems with many false alarms due to inadequate tuning. The second measurement period worked much better, but the measurement of the thickness of the brake blocks still had problems. Additional tests with alternative technologies showed improvement.

The system has been equipped with Internet site and remote end reports as UH staff in Malmberget get detailed info about the carts that are on their way north. Their inspection could with the system in operation could be streamlined, particularly in winter. Despite the above limitations in the measurement quality of the prototype system, there has been positive response from LKAB's maintenance staff.

The system became dormant before new decisions at LKAB in the autumn of 2015, but because of the economic situation and the low price of ore, LKAB decided to close down the project and to dismantle the equipment mothballed.

Project leader: Dan Larsson, Damill AB